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Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Are You Buying The Right Needles For Your Project?"

Problem: If you are using regular Addi Turbos to do lacework, or any pattern requiring many increases and decreases, the blunt-tipped needles are probably slowing you down and making you work hard for those stitches!

Fix: Pointier needles like Addi Lace, KnitPicks Harmony, or Signature Needle Arts’ stiletto-tipped needles will make the job so much easier and faster. Here are three sets of needles attempting a simple K2tog. You can see which needles look like they are the best for this job.

Regular Addi Turbos are too blunt to easily do lace and most stitches.

Addi Lace Needles have a “grabby” coating and a sharp tapered point.

Signature NeedleArts Stiletto Tips have a very long taper,
but the points aren’t painfully sharp.

Problem: Bamboo needles may give you a feeling of security on silky, slippery yarns, but will slow you way down on “grabby” yarns.

Fix: For yarns with mohair, angora, or homespun wool, try a polished needle like Lantern Moon or Addi Turbo.

What are your favorite "tools for the job?" Leave a comment and let me know what needles and tools work best for you!

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