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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Messing Up Gracefully: How To Un-Knit And Get Unraveled Stitches Back On Your Needles"

One of the most annoying knitting problems you probably face from time to time is not feeling confident in undoing your knitting mistakes, or, once undone, whether you've gotten your stitches back on your needles correctly.

I've made you two videos to clarify the correct way to undo your stitches, and I explain why you shouldn't worry about getting your stitches back on the right way at first.

Tinking (or Knitting - backwards) just means undoing one knitted stitch at a time and placing the old stitch back on the left needle. Here's how to do it:

Insert the left-hand needle from front to back into the stitch
below the stitch on your right-hand needle.

When you need to undo more than a few rows, it's fastest to remove the needle(s) and pull your yarn, undoing all the rows at once. Here's how to put your stitches back on your needle when you're done unraveling:

If the recovered stitches are facing the wrong way,
just knit them through their back loops.

Yay! Now you can un-knit with confidence and unravel with grace! Just keep in mind, messing up is part of knitting, and the faster you can fix your mistakes, and the less stressful it is, the closer you will become to being a Knitting Superstar!

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