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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Pattern: Beginner Toe-Up Socks for Magic Loop

“Toe up socks are SO much easier and the invisible bind off makes them look very professional!” -Jillian C.

Here is a free basic pattern for toe-up socks, one- or two-at a time, using Magic Loop. It's the one I use in all my classes, and I always get great results.

Find out why toe-up socks are great
  • Beginner pattern in three sizes
  • Video and text tutorials
  • Learn Judy's Magic Cast On
  • A heel with no holes
  • Invisible ribbed bind-off illustrated guide


    1. Hi Liat: I LOVE my first sock! I made the toe-up version from your instructions and I can't believe that I actually made it. The Shi Bui is beautiful and the sock looks fabulous. I really liked learning the three new techniques of Judy's invisible cast on, the Fleegle heel and the stretchy bind-off which I was able to master easily even though I'm only an average knitter at best. I can't wait to make the second one.

    2. Haha wow! I'm so glad you enjoyed making the toe-up socks and you were able to learn the new techniques easily. Aren't they great? I saw that you made the socks one-at-a-time: when you are ready (and I think you are), you might want to try my video e-book course on knitting two toe-up socks at a time. Two-at-a-time is awesome because you can go until you run out of yarn, your socks come out exactly the same, and you never have to make the second sock! Here is more information about the video e-book:

    3. Hi Liat, I'm doing my first sock ever using your pattern. It's going great so far, but I got to the point that I need to increase stitches on the heel needle (after doing heel), it says "do lifted increases from both sides of marker".
      Are lifted increased M1B/M1L like before or some other type of increases? Also, because I think those make little holes, should I do them one stitch before marker or just before the marker?
      Last, when it says to increase until you get original number of stitches, do you mean number that I casted on or number before I started heel (38)?

    4. Hi there,
      Whoops! Sorry that is confusing. I am going to change the pattern now to fix this problem. I would actually just do the same increases you've been used to doing, like on the heel and toe: K1, M1L, K to last st on needle, M1R, K1.

      The original number of stitches means the number you casted on. Thanks for these great questions!

    5. Hi Liat,
      Were you the lady who originated the Fleegle Sock. I have made 9 pair and am working on the 10th pair. I have adapted the gusset, heel to KnitPicks socks and it worked beautifully. I have always wondered who the lady is that thought up the Fleegle method. Is it you? It amazes me that people don't use it and I don't see more about it online. It makes a lovely heel and yeah no picking up stitches. I must admit that I haven't used the lift up method of increasing. Mine just didn't look nice so I just use the old increase and it still looks nice. I am going to follow your directions and learn the lift up method. Thanks for lessons that are really needed. The only problem I'm having is having to buy Adobe. Is that why I can't see the videos? DJ

    6. Hi DJ,
      No, I did not originate the Fleegle heel - I found it on Fleegle's blog (just google it), and I love it so much! I have amended the pattern to remove the confusing "pair lifted increase" bit - it really was not necessary. If you go to the download area and download the new version, you will find a nice, revised pattern.

      As far as Adobe Reader, it's a free download! Just download the latest version (9.4) and you should be able to play the videos no problem. Let me know how it goes!


    7. Hi Liat,
      Hopefully there is no question that is dumb :) in your pattern you say you can knit one or two at a time, and for simplicity reasons i just wanted to start with one. Your instructions call to cast on stitches for two, but how many stitches do you cast on for just one sock?? it may be there and i am misunderstanding, but hopefully you can help me out. Thanks.

    8. Hi Kendra,
      Great question! For the TOE-UP and doing just one at a time, you cast on I think about 12 or 16 stitches. Have you watched the video e-book? --> See the sidebar. The videos really clear up what it's supposed to look like with one or two socks.

      If you mean the TOP-DOWN socks, you cast on 56 sts for the medium.