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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Learn To Knit In The Round On Magic Loop In One Afternoon"

You need to learn to knit in the round in order to knit most of the gorgeous projects out there today. Magic Loop is my students’ favorite way of doing it, but learning it on your own can be intimidating and frustrating. I love teaching Magic Loop, and using brand-new technology, I created a video e-book course that guides knitters learning at home through all the steps of learning this new technique.

What you’ll learn in the video e-book:
  • Options for knitting in the round, and what makes Magic Loop great
  • How to select the right needles for Magic Loop (and why you won’t have to buy another length of circular needle ever again!)
  • How to do Magic Loop - FAST
  • How to adapt any pattern to Magic Loop
  • Advanced Magic Loop skills and challenges
  • Common mistakes that people run into when doing Magic Loop, so that you can be sure you are doing it the easiest way.

What is a video e-book?
  • It’s a written book with videos integrated into the lessons
  • The videos stream from the Internet, so you can download the book instantly
  • The streaming videos save your computer’s hard-drive space
  • You get a front-row view of everything you need to learn
  • The full-page videos play right in your book!
My in-person Magic Loop class is $20 for a 1.5-hour tutorial. The flight to Salt Lake City is about $350! But when you instantly download the video e-book, you get the entire course on your computer, to watch and learn at your own pace, for much less. You also get a way better view than you do in my classes, plus you can pause me anytime!
Since this is brand-new technology, it hasn’t been done before. With 10-25 videos per course, this is a great resource. I’ve decided to price my “Learn to Knit in the Round on Magic Loop” course for only a $12.97 investment in your knitting future.
Since I want you to LOVE knitting in the round on Magic Loop, try my e-ebook and if you don’t love it and tell all your friends, I’ll give you your money back and help you find a way to get the resources that work for you.
Download “Learn to Knit in the Round on Magic Loop” Now for only $12.97!

Would you like to watch a sample video? Here’s a sneak peek for you to watch:

My high-resolution videos are full-page width and stream instantly from the web

This is a guaranteed course - if you don't love knitting in the round on Magic Loop, I'll give you a refund for up to one year from your purchase date, AND I'll personally help you find the resources that will work for you.

Download this fascinating new tutorial and get started knitting in the round today!

Video E-Book - Downloading & Viewing Instructions

Reader will ask your permission to access the websites with the videos stored on them.
  • Check the box "Remember my preferences for this site"
  • Click "Allow." Reader will ask your permission a few times initially, and then you won't have to give it again.

For a pleasant viewing experience, go to VIEW, select PAGE DISPLAY, and select SINGLE PAGE - CONTINUOUS. This will let the PDF scroll as though it is one long page, and will be MUCH easier to read.


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