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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Free Pattern: Beginner Socks for Magic Loop

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been searching for a basic sock pattern for knitting one at a time on a circular needle - you have just made one very happy knitter." -velvetnc

Here is a free basic pattern for beginner socks, one- or two-at a time, using Magic Loop. It's the one I use in all my classes, and I always get great results.

Find out why socks on Magic Loop are great!

  • Beginner pattern in three sizes
  • Traditional top-down construction
  • Try on as you go
  • Learn to do heels 2-at-a-time
  • Kitchener stitch illustrated guide

  Yarn: 200 yards of fingering-weight (sock) yarn
  Needles: US #2 circular needles, 47 inches long (or size required to obtain gauge)

Gauge: 7 sts/in in St st
Sizes: Adult Small (7"), Medium (8"), Large (9" around foot)


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been searching for a basic sock pattern for knitting one at a time on a circular needle and haven't found one till now, you have just made one very happy knitter.

  2. You are so welcome! I am overjoyed to have made a happy knitter! And socks on a circular needle can't be beat! Thanks for using my pattern =)

  3. Hi Liat,

    Love the pattern, but one quick question - for the heel it says Pm - what does that stand for?

    Thanks! I can't wait to try your pattern!

  4. Hi Carrie! "PM" means "place marker." Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks so much. Been looking for this pattern along time. That Magic Loop two socks at a time doesn't call my name. This one does!

  6. Thank you! I hope you enjoy magic loop socks as much as I do!

  7. Hey, can you explain the M1tbl a bit more... I was just a wee bit confused. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for this pattern. I am new to magic loop and this seems like a great pattern. I have one question about the heel flap. I knit one row, then you say to start stockinette stitch across these stitches. Does that put the knit stitches on the wrong side of the sock and the purl stitches on the right side of the sock? I just wanted to make sure I am doing this right before I get too far along.

  9. Almost- stockinette st always means k on the RS and p on the wrong side. So i think from where you are you should be ready to start on row of purling. Hope this helps!

  10. Hi Liat
    I just want to confirm your instructions. For row 1 when you turn heel, you state k1...should that be sl 1 as in the other rows?

    Also, when I started 'begin heel' I found it easier to sl 1 at the beginning of the rows than at the end as instructed. I first attempted doing it at the end but then when I turned I wasn't sure if I knitted the slipped stitch since it was at the beginning of the row.

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks for putting this online. It is great.

  11. Hi Stephanie!

    I find it easier to sl 1 at the beginning of the row, too. It is an old pattern. =)

    There is not a mistake, I just wrote it so that a st would get slipped at one end of every row.

    You should do it your way, though. And I'll post an updated pattern, if I can figure out how to get a PDF up here. Actually, anyone know how to do that? =)

  12. What kind of yarn is that beautiful sock yarn that makes a pattern in you Beginner Socks, Magic Loop Variation?

  13. Thank you! It's a yarn called Opal. Here's a link:
    You can ask your LYS to order it. I love it! One store that carries it that you could call and order it from is Stix, in Bozeman, MT. Their number is 406-556-5786.

  14. Thanks for this pattern! I have been looking for top down knitting one sock at a time! I have a question- could you use a 47 inch length on just knitting one sock at a time?

  15. Absolutely! The sock will never know. Just don't try less than 32" -- I never use less than 40". But go as long as you want! Enjoy!

  16. One more question, is there any way you could figure out the number of stitches for a child's sock?

  17. Sure! Just measure around your child's foot at the widest part. Using the gauge of 7 sts/in, calculate how many stitches you would need. For example, if it's 5 inches around, that would be 5x7=35 sts total (round up or down to an even number).
    Hope this helps!

  18. I am on my first sock (doing one at a time) for my hubby. I have turned the heel and now I need to pick up stitches.

    This is where it is getting hairy for me!

    Is m1tbl make one through back loop? if you are doing this does it mean you actually have two stitches for each stitch you pick up?

  19. Hi Jennifer!
    I think you are combining two different things:
    There is an OPTIONAL M1 (make one) at the end of picking up stitches. This is to avoid a hole in your sock if there is a big gap.
    Then, you are instructed to K tbl (Knit through the back loop) just on the stitches that you had picked up the round before. This tightens them up a bit.
    I'm not sure where M1tbl came from, but you definitely don't want two stitches for every picked-up stitch. Just one.
    Hope this helps! If you are still confused, please post again and I will try to help.
    Thanks for using my pattern!

  20. Hi Liat,

    This is my first time ever knitting anything round, especially socks. Looking fwd to it. I've just started, finished the first 10 rows of ribbing and next few rows of stocking stich. The way mine is coming out the bumpy side of the stocking stich is on the outside, and the nice smooth side is on the this right or have I already veered from the right path????

    Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to trying some of your other patterns....i really dig your style.

  21. Hi Meggs! Thanks so much for writing! I'm so glad you are trying socks on Magic Loop!

    As far as your question about the bumpy side being on the outside and the smooth side being on the inside, my guess is that the sock just got turned inside-out as you were knitting. Just push the sock through the needles, flipping it right-side out, and the smooth side should now be on the outside. Did this work?
    If not, let me know and we can skype or you can send me a picture to see exactly what's going on.


  22. Hugs back.

    Thanks for your quick response Liat. I decided to unpick and start again as I'd made a few mistakes in the ribbing that were bugging me. When I get to the stockingnet stitch I'll let you know how I go. I started pearling and that got the stitch on the right side, but would prefer not to have to pearl if I can avoid it.

    SO the knit side of the stockingnet (eg. the smooth side) should be on the outside shouldn't it??? Yes, I'm pretty much a beginner, but loving finding my way.

    super blessings on your day


  23. Hi again.

    So I've done it again, and my bumpy side is on the outside again (...maybe it's b/c I'm in Oz and everythings down under down Can't twist it like you've suggested it because then the knitting is coming towards me, rather than away. Think I'll just pearl to keep the stitch on the right side unless you've got another idea.'s all good

  24. Hi Megs!
    Please don't "just purl" because your knitting is messed up. You don't have to! Go to your LYS and show them, or skype with me! I'll look at what you are doing and set you right.
    This technique is so easy - it's worth figuring out how to do it right. I'm only saying this because I care.

  25. HELP!!!!! I want to unsubscribe, how on earth do I do that. You keep asking me for a password that I don't have, not visible on my confirmation page. I was mislead by this site as I expected to be able to access a "free" pattern for magic loop socks - NOT! Everywhere that I am checking it is mentioning large (for me) sums of money. Ravelry should know about this run-around. I just want your information and mine deleted from your site.

  26. Hi, I'm so sorry that this has been so frustrating for you! It isn't meant to be at all. I am in the middle of making a shift to a new website and maybe that's why some of this stuff isn't working for you. It's also possible (I don't know) that the confirmation email you should have received, with the password and everything, got caught in your spam filter. I want to help, but I can't unsubscribe you if I don't know your email address - if you email me at I can absolutely unsubscribe you. I can also send you the password and get you straight to the download area, or even directly send you the pattern. I care about your experience here and I'm glad you posted a comment so I can try to make it better. Please contact me directly so that I can help you.

  27. I already receive your wonderful newsletter. I just can't find my copy of the sock pattern. How do I get it again? My Rav ID is Mahmoo. Thanks!

  28. Just go to and enter the password you got when you signed up (if you don't remember, go to and use the password reminder to get in. There you can download all the sock patterns. I hope this helps!