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Monday, July 26, 2010

See? They Like It!

Thank you to all my lovely readers who have tried the new video e-books and written to me about them. This is a sampling of the comments I've received...

“Thank you so much! I can't believe I am knitting socks!” -htlam1

I love the video e-Book! It is so much easier to be able to do the part of the pattern I am working and click the video link than having to go to you tube and do a search.” -Crystal

“Your videos are so much better than so many that I've seen on the net,
and I want to thank you for sharing them! :-)” -Renna H.
“Thank you for this wonderful video!! i had to bind-off a 1x1 rib and it looked awful. i poked around and looked at dozens of tutorials for this bindoff, and even another video tutorial, and was starting to despair a little. You made it SO clear and simple, and I did it and it looks great. i put it in a post on my blog. Thanks again!” -Lori

“Just so you know I got my first pair of socks done today. I owe my first pair of sock success to you and your awesome videos. Now I have completed a toe up sock pair I am casting on for a top down two at a time I know I can do those thanks to your step by step video.

I have seen tons of videos on you tube demonstrating how to turn the heel but you are the only one who showed what the last row looks like and that gave me confidence thank you for being so detailed with your videos!” -Zimmermann611
“I learned to knit socks with your tutorial. I’ve only knit a few pairs so far but your patterns are my base for all socks and now I knit them toe-up using your tutorial on that as well. All Magic Loop. Thanks!” -KnittingSmurf

“You explain magic loop a lot better than other videos I've seen :)” -nemo1500

“Awesome, as with previous comments your voice adds to your teaching ability. You explain very well and demonstrate it in both Continental and English.” -bluebluestar79

I've been trying to learn continental knitting for a while, but holding my left pointer straight up in the air (like so many vids on YouTube show) gets uncomfortable after like 2 minutes. Your way is so much better :) -nemo1500

“In my opinion you rank right up there with Elizabeth Zimmermann. :)” -Crystal

“I really enjoy listening to you - you're very relaxed and matter-of-fact and you have a great voice. I've looked at quite a few tutorials (from others) and I like yours the best. After crocheting for a long while, I'm just getting my knitting bearings again and have learned a lot of great tricks from you. Keep it up:-)” - StarrZing

“I'm so excited about your site!  I looked at one of your videos and it's exactly what I needed.  I love making socks, but haven't done it in several years.  I've been afraid to try again knowing I've forgotten a lot of the instructions.  I've always wanted to learn how to make two at the same time using the toe up method.  Your videos give me the confidence to try it.  Thank you so much!” -Vicki S

Easy and clear tutorial! Thanks :)” -silverlilies
“I like your voice in your teaching videos...I am taking some sox classes at my lys but bc they seem to make up their own patterns and never have pics of them to reference to I cannot seem to quite get it. Your videos are a big help...Thanks” -lililaliloo

“Thank you so much for these awesome videos. You have helped me so much. Thank you! Now I know I can do a complete pair of socks. I always get stuck on the heel. Thanks to you I know I can do it!”- Zimmermann611

"Hi, Liat. I'm so excited with this whole method which you've put together. It's even better than being with you in a classroom, because I don't have to be scared to ask a question." -Joan

"I just purchased your magic loop ebook...sooo helpful! you are a hoot! I am awaiting my online order of suggested needles and am looking forward to knitting all the patterns I've been saving up (and avoiding due to instructions using dpn's!) Many thanks for your enthusiasm (and being a great teacher)!" -Helen

“Bless you dear lady for the wonderfully helpful videos you have posted on YouTube! They videos are so well done, moving neither too fast nor too slow, and the viewing angle is just right!. They're especially helpful to me because we hold our yarn exactly the same way.” -Susan

“I'm so happy with what you've done with the concept, the contents, the front-row seating & your soothing teaching style.  You have a voice that is calming, & that's good when a person's attempting to learn something new.  It inspires calmed confidence for the learner.” “you've made a quality product for lots of people who probably never dreamed that they could knit”- Joan

“I've been FROGGING for years. After hundreds of books, many disappointed people whom I can never deliver the knitting projects I promise, I FINALLY discovered all the things I do wrong with my tensioning. Bless you dear!” -Jaleanina

BEST magic loop tutorial I have seen! Thank you so much! :)” -korsashrike

Excellent. Very clear demonstration. I got it right away. Thanks a million.” -mshuea2 (re: Magic Loop)

“I have only received a couple of your newsletters...I have to let you know I LOVE them! I am learning so much. And I am VERY thankful that I have access to the videos when I can't remember what I've learned...basically, you rock! Thanks!” -Michelle

“This is the greatest idea since…. uhm…. Ravelry. :) I love the way you are so calm and if you make a mistake, like we all do, you just calmly fix it and move on! I have watched your “fixing a dropped stitch” so many times, I have probably worn a hole in the website! :) - anyone can learn ANYTHING from watching you! THANKs for making these!” Vicki, Nashville, TN

“Thank you for this video. I have been trying to figure out from books and other videos (where folks are knitting waaaay too fast and the camera is far too far away) how to pick up and knit something 'using the same dpn" or the "same needle" - just could not figure it out - until this video. My first Magic Loop socks were from your Magic Loop Socks one-at-a-time pattern I found on Ravelry.” -violin1957

“I just finished my first pair of 2 @ a time, toe up socks last night! Thanks to your terrific video e-book and email advice; couldn't have done it without you!” -Vicki S.

“Liat!!! Oh my Oh my…..I love your e-book…can you tell~I am so excited!!!! I have made two pair of socks in my ten years of knitting on magic loops, one at a time mind you, and wanted to learn to do two at a time. Your instructions are amazing…” -Mary

I am enjoying you and your abilities immensely! Can’t believe I am making socks. You and your talent to also make terrific videos have given me a new lease on knitting, having fun. -Patricia

“I want you to know that your toe up socks on circular needles are the greatest!” -Patricia

Absolutely LOVE this new technique that you came up with. Now for the real test; I'm going to try it out right now on the socks I'm making for my sis. Thanks so much :)” -Scoochy1956

“Your videos are excellent.  I have just downloaded your video dictionary, and the idea of a pdf linked to youtube videos is brilliant.  Beautifully-designed site as well.  Really great stuff--I finally learned how to knit backwards in a way that made sense.  Thanks!” -Paula Ward,

Great informative video! Thank you so much!” - Starbuck09256

“I really like the way you have done these videos, they are clear and concise and so are you :-)” -Linda

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  1. Hi, Liat. I'm so excited with this whole method which you've put together. It's even better than being with you in a classroom, because I don't have to be scared to ask a question.
    I would love to see a new video of yours which shows how to change to a different color wool in the middle of a round.
    Then, I'd like to see how to weave in yarn ends while still knitting. Faster & better must make things easier, right?
    Thanks, & please don't stop your good work!

  2. Hi Joan,
    Great idea! I have added your request to my list of videos to shoot and blog posts to write. Coming right up!

    And thank you for your lovely comment, by the way.