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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technique By Special Request: Switching to a New Set of Needles on Magic Loop

Thanks, Myrna, for requesting a special video on the KNITFreedom Facebook page!

Myrna's question: "I want to know how to change needles in the middle of a project. For instance, I started with a circular needle that is too short and I need to change to a longer one."

So, Myrna and everyone else, this is what to do (PS - it's very easy)...

You can do this if you've got a project on DPNs that you want to switch to Magic Loop, or in my case in the video, I wanted to switch from Addi Lace needles to Addi Turbos so I could speed through the cuffs of my socks. Enjoy!

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