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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brand-New Desktop Video Knitting Dictionary!

Thank you for this great video! This proved so helpful." - shadowedaethyr

What's a Video Knitting Dictionary?
It's 25 large, high-quality videos of all the knitting abbreviations you need to know in one downloadable PDF.

  • This is a complete digital knitting reference
  • Large, high-quality video demonstrations of 25 techniques, right in the dictionary.
  • Clear demonstrations (American and Continental) of all these techniques:

1. Beginnings
2. Knit and Purl
3. Terms and Abbreviations
4. Pattern Stitches
5. Decreases
6. Increases
7. Finishing

Watch a sample video! Ktbl, Ptbl: knitting and purling through the back loop. The best part -- the videos are twice as big when you view them in your knitting dictionary.

I'm giving this FREE video knitting dictionary away to those of you who sign up for my newsletter. My newsletter audience receives free patterns and videos not released on my blog, as well as special announcements.

  • Fill out the form below
  • Click for instant download!

This is brand-new technology and I'd love for you to get your hands while it's still free. Also, as a member of my newsletter audience, you can request additional free videos and tutorials - your suggestions make my newsletter even better!


  1. Great blog - found you from the new Tangled onlinemag!

  2. Compliments! you are Great!
    Thankyou very much

  3. I can't get this to download. Any suggestions. I am already registered with you. Thanks for any help in advance!!! Andrea in Tn

  4. I can't get to the download either, after I registered thanks for any help Katherine in LR

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I'm so sorry you can't get the dictionary to download! I checked the download area ( and it seems to be working find on my end. Here's what I would check:

    If you already registered, the welcome email with the instructions may have gone to your spam folder.

    Please email me at and I can send you the login ID and password if you can't find it in your email inbox or spam folder.

    If the login and password aren't working, please check that your browser is not automatically capitalizing the login information. Also, please copy and paste the information so it gets entered exactly right. The last character of the password is a 1, not an "I." You could also try using a different browser.

    I am here to help you! Please email me if you are still stuck. I can always email you the dictionary directly.

    Thanks so much for your patience!


  6. Hi Liat,
    I have downloaded this video library. But I can't get the videos to open. Is there something I need to do?


  7. Hi Yvonne,
    I will help you get this straightened out. :) Please make sure you are opening the dictionary with the free Adobe Reader 9. If you are on a Mac, just right-click the dictionary, select Open With... and select Adobe Reader 9. Then the videos should play just fine.

    I hope this helps!