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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beginner Knitting - The 50 Best Videos

A new video knitting e-book is out, and it's all about Beginner Knitting. When you just learn to knit, most yarn stores and videos leave you to fend for yourself, leaving it to you to navigate through the wilds of YouTube or the bookstore, trying to find more instruction so you can break out of beginner knitting.

This video e-book is the answer!

"Intermediate Scarves and Stitches" uses the 50 best beginner knitting videos to show you exactly what you need to learn to progress to more difficult projects. Casting on, purling, reading your work, recognizing and fixing mistakes... it's all here!

You'll never have to spend another frustrating evening alone, unable to knit because you've made a mistake you don't recognize, or unable to read the pattern that you've just bought. Check out "Intermediate Scarves and Stitches" and finally break out of beginner knitting!

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