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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Best Brioche-Knitting Videos on the Internet!

I just wanted to let you know that the brand-new video knitting e-book is out from KNITFreedom: Brioche Knitting!

Brioche Knitting Video E-Book Are you ready for a walk on the wild side? Welcome to the world of brioche knitting, where the possibilities for color and texture multiply, and all your knitting skills are taken one (or a few) steps further than they’ve ever been taken before.

What is Brioche Knitting?
Brioche stitch is a two-layered fabric that looks somewhat like ribbing, although it is constructed differently. Like ribbing, it is reversible and can be used to make all types of garments, with cables, increases, decreases, and color-patterns.

Like double-knitting, brioche has two right-sides, but unlike double-knitting, the two sides are knitted one after the other, instead of all in the same row.

Brioche stitch can be done with one, two, or as many as five or six colors, and incorporate Intarsia color-blocks, just like regular knitting. Most of the patterns you’ll see call for two contrasting colors.

Because you can do anything with brioche that you can do with regular knitting, and many things that you can’t, brioche knitting is a complex and almost boundless subject. This e-book has 20 brioche videos to teach you beginning and intermediate brioche skills.

Brioche e-book testimonial from Chuck D
Check it out today!

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